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Aman Sandhu & E=MC - Bhulgi (Out Now)

Aman Sandhu is back with his first single “Bhulgi” featured from his debut album. Releasing on North America’s largest South Asian label Planet Recordz. “Bhulgi” is out now!

Bhulgi (feat. E=MC) - Single - Aman Sandhu

Just after the success of his recent single “Lakk de Hulare” Aman Sandhu is back once again to win the hearts of his fans. Aman has teamed up with Toronto’s very own E=MC to release his upcoming album.

Learning the art of music for over 5 years now, there is no telling where this young vocalist will rise to in the near future. Many are saying Aman is on his way to conquering the industry with his powerful voice. This perfect combination of “East Meets West” is here and ready to release his first single.

We had the opportunity to watch the music video for “Bhulgi” and were literally blown away from the new concept and work of the video. The music video clearly puts Toronto on the map, showcasing the skyline and downtown Toronto’s nightlife.

“Bhulgi” is just what the industry needs. E=MC is back to show his expertise in music, being influenced by hip-hop music. MC shows us why he’s been behind the scenes for the past couple of years. The combination of Aman Sandhu and E=MC will surely take over the market and put Toronto’s music industry on the map.