Empathy feat Pervez Khan - Seetiyan (Out Now)

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Seetiyan: a brand new single produced by Empathy, a London-based artist, with electrifying vocals by the highly talented Pervez Khan. This track is Empathy's first official release as an independent artist.

"I grew up listening to artists such as Tigerstyle and Specialist & Tru-Skool, and I've always been inspired by their unique sounds and their ability to blend different styles. Seetiyan consists of a mix between eastern and western styles, both of which are very strong influences within my music. To me, this combination represents unity between the two cultures, while still respecting the differences and unique qualities of both. I see bhangra music as an embodiment of celebration, fun and intense explosive energy, and I try to convey this in my music."

With many more tracks on the way, Empathy promises to deliver high quality, originality and variety to the bhangra music scene. He also aspires to write his own lyrics in the near future, bringing further originality and variety to his music.

Seetiyan is available on iTunesSpotify and Amazon MP3. Artwork by Marie Michele Bergeron (

Keep up to date with Empathy via Facebook and Twitter , and check out his website showcasing his current and upcoming tracks!


+8 #5 Realist. 2012-11-12 14:28
This new style of bhangra is definately great to listen to, guys like this and epic bhangra put amazing vocals on electro-[censor ed] beats and are bringing something new to the happily listen to more stuff like this instead of untrained vocalists attempting to sell songs based on who they are,who they know, a flash video or the 'big' names they get to produce their songs!
+3 #4 Realist. 2012-11-12 14:24
The vocals are on point, the productions not too bad either!!!
+6 #3 chinajatt 2012-11-12 10:36
perves khan is a gud singer rememember him from hans mann album from the gabru track as soon as i heard this track loved it
+6 #2 desimunda521 2012-11-09 20:30
awesome tune!
pop star
-8 #1 pop star 2012-11-09 11:42
whack: 0/10

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