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DesiFrenzy ft. Manmohan Waris - 700 (Video)

DesiFrenzy, celebrated hitmaker producer, teams up with global Panjabi music icon 'Manmohan Waris' for the release of their latest single '700'!

Vocalist: Manmohan Waris

Music: DesiFrenzy

Lyrics: Mangal Hathur

Female Lead: Khushi Chaudhary

A captivating blend of traditional and modern sounds, showcasing the vibrant spirit of Panjabi music to audiences worldwide.

"Manmohan Waris is a 'Hall of Famer' when it comes to Panjabi music, so to have the opportunity to work on a project with him is surreal. Dancefloor Bhangra is what I do best, so it was no-brainer to create a track like this with him." - Frenzy

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