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Ahsan Bajwa ft. Blizzard Beats - Majboori (Out Now)

After the huge success of Sunnah and Nerre Nerre, Ahsan Bajwa is back with his brand new song, Majboori. The song is produced by Blizzard Beats.

Just at the age of 18 and already signed to Shine Recordz, Blizzard Beats is ready to showcast his talent to the rest of the world.

Compaired to Ahsan Bajwa’s previous works, Majboori is slightly on a slow side. Majboori is about feeling helpless in a situation where no matter what you do, you’re not able to change it or do something about it.

The wait is almost over. It will be released November 5th.

Title: Majboori

Artists: Ahsan Bajwa ft. Blizzard Beats

Produced by: Blizzard Beats

Released by: Shine Recordz

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Majboori (feat. Blizzard Beats) - Single - Ahsan Bajwa