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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Rating 4.73 (11 Votes) is one of the largest and most popular Bhangra websites online. First started in early 2006, the website quickly grew to represent the growth of Bhangra music & culture in the modern internet age.
The website aims to keep your every day Bhangra-holic informed on the Bhangra scene, with the latest news, videos and releases all covered, not only from the UK but worldwide. aims to work with the industry to ensure the fans are well informed, yet as an organisation are not affiliated with any labels, however we work closely with artists to ensure that the information presented is accurate.
The site welcomes music fans from across the world to congregate, be informed and discuss. Whilst keeps you engaged with the latest news, updates, videos, pictures, events listings, interviews, competitions, music and much more.
In 2011, became the first organization to launch a Bhangra news iPhone app, which has proved hugely successful; achieving thousands of downloads from users as far as Japan. Alongside this, a strategic tie up with ‘The Times of India’ in 2012 has led to a successful content sharing agreement with the Indian media giant.
2012 saw take over the running of the largest open Bhangra dance competition ‘Bhangra Wars’ – which is now into its third year. The competition has proved hugely successful in showcasing teams from across the UK.
The audience of come from the age groups of 13-28 as a equal split between both genders from across the globe.
The website achieved over 2.4 million unique hits in 2017, culminating in over 10.95 million page views; the majority of these hits are split between the UK & India, with North America making up the third largest audience.
Our social media network has grown organically over there years, with our Facebook fan page now boasting over 900,000 ‘likes’ and our official twitter account with 90,000 followers, all whom regularly interact with us.
In 2013, the website has already grown immeasurably, introducing exclusive new content sections to the website including a monthly blog from BBC Asian Network radio host; Dipps Bhamrah & Asian music veteran DJ Stin.
In 2017, the website introduced the top 10 Bhangra show a strategic tie up with Sunrise Radio the world's first 24-hour commercial Asian radio station, focusing on entertainment, music and news from the subcontinent which attracts a world-wide audience and shows the building of both brands.
With new additions in the pipeline, has now firmly established itself as The Home of Bhangra Online. Social Network

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Jatt Mirza
+5 #36 RE: About UsJatt Mirza 2012-11-07 18:06
Could you guys add a 'most popular article' section based on unique visits? That will definitely help see what unique users actually click on.
Music Manac
0 #35 RE: About UsMusic Manac 2012-10-23 10:44
SimplyBhangra Media is Amazing !! Loved every story you add. I loved your Merchandise Stuffs, tshirts, Varsity Jacket & Kool Sb Dhol Mug..Amazing :-)
+2 #34 RE: About UsSartaaj 2012-02-13 22:23
This is a GREAT site. They dont miss anything that comes out. Very reliable!
0 #33 RE: About UsRoJo 2012-02-13 17:54
You are my favorite place for music!!Would love to have some Simply Bhangra t-shirts... do you make those?
+5 #32 RE: About UsAndroid 2011-06-13 19:54
Would you guys be willing to make an actually decent Android app like the one for iPhone, rather than just an app that o[censored]s the website???
+1 #31 RE: About UsKaur...x 2011-05-17 16:46
-1 #30 Koi ki JaneRomy 2009-06-08 07:52
Simply Bhangra
0 #29 RE: About UsSimply Bhangra 2009-04-12 23:24
From everyone at SimplyBhangra.c om we Wish all of you a Happy Vaisakhi & Happy Easter!
0 #28 RE: About Usdally 2008-04-12 23:31
Happy Vaisakhi to everyone
0 #27 Happy Vaisakhi-Ish- 2008-04-12 18:52
Everyone here at SimplyBhangra.c om is wishing everyone a very Happy Vaisakhi ...May it bring lots of happiness and good luck for you and loved ones
0 #26 RE: About UsAnita 2008-03-17 09:17
love the new look and its jazzy .. well done keep it up
Simply Bhangra
+1 #25 Read These Comments Rules!!Simply Bhangra 2008-02-10 10:05
We always welcome your participation in commenting on the articles that we post and encourage or even challenge reviews and other features.

BUT, to keep these experiences enjoyable and interesting for all of our users, we ask that;

You understand and agree that SimplyBhangra.C om is not responsible for any content posted by third parties! AND You agree that you are fully responsible for the content that you post.

Enjoy ...

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