Tasha Tah ft Raool - Malang (Out Now)

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Tiffin Beats Records presents “MALANG” sung by Tasha Tah, the ‘first lady’ of the Stranger Family and is in collaboration with No Limit Productionz Super Act ‘Raool’

It follows Tasha Tah’s world-wide smash hit ‘Haan De Munde’, released earlier this year.

It’s a sultry street single that fuses the sexy urban Panjabi vocals of ‘it girl’ Tasha Tah with the distinctive hip-hop swagger of D.Wunder (Raool) combined with the big beat production from future hit maker Macks Wolf (Raool) this future anthem is sure to go down a storm on the XOXO World Tour this coming November.

With a short snippet collecting over 3000 hits on the Tiffin Beats Records Soundcloud in just over 2 days, fan reaction has been ‘off the wall’ can only be described as MALANG fever!

Fans have been vociferous with their support and viral promotion of the single already! They have created a #MALANG related twitter profiles, circulated chain messages to demand an earlier release, sent in video ideas, and even amended the spelling of their facebook profile names to show their support. This is just the start of MALANG Mania!!

Tasha Tah & Raool will be performing MALANG, live and exclusively on the XOXO World Tour (November 2012). The UK leg takes in 11 venues and is a ladies only night tour. The tour will showcase live music (including new material) from popular British Asian Collective ‘Stranger Family’ (Mumzy Stranger, Tasha Tah, Char Avell & Ramee) and internationally acclaimed South Asian supergroup ‘Culture Shock’ (DJ Baba Kahn, Lomaticc & Sunny Brown), who are hot footing it from Canada to join the party. The tour will also showcase new act ‘Raool’ (D.Wunder & Macks Wolf)


+2 #7 Omg -_-JulesN 2015-05-27 07:50
From what an angle does she come across as a 'Punjabi girl'?
She needs to fix up her vocals and dress sense in order to be the 'Punjabi girl' you see her as!
Her overall presence is whack!
I agree with the auto tune comments, it just shows she can't sing without the technology behind it.
She has no uniqueness about her - that's the beauty of being an artist and one of secrets' to long term success!
Tee Singhh
+6 #6 RE: Tasha Tah ft Raool - Malang (Out Now)Tee Singhh 2014-04-27 07:41
If this Is music then im the new pope
She cannot sing she uses auto tune to make her voice sounds slightly decent, but she cannot sing
Yes she is trying, but trying too much in my view.
How many ppl are really jumping on this tune, not many I suppose, only two like her on this page out of six...and she can come up with a better tune in the future and less of the auto tune
Tee Singhh
-6 #5 Superstar!britasianhomegirl 2014-04-27 05:30
All those jealous bitches can't touch miss Tasha Tah.. Love love malang.. My punjabi homegirl will too the charts with her singles and hopefully an album!
+4 #4 RE: Tasha Tah ft Raool - Malang (Out Now)WeeMan 2012-11-09 13:35
lol she is surviving due the autotune software.
pop star
+9 #3 RE: Tasha Tah ft Raool - Malang (Out Now)pop star 2012-11-09 11:41
how many ppl are jumping one the one in a million vocal!
whack 0/10
Ban WeeMan
-7 #2 RE: Tasha Tah ft Raool - Malang (Out Now)Ban WeeMan 2012-11-08 12:51
She is the future of Punjabi music 10/10
and JoshB your right shes soooooooooooooo FIT omg I wana Marry her
-8 #1 RE: Tasha Tah ft Raool - Malang (Out Now)JoshB 2012-10-12 16:34
She is amazing, I love her alot. Alsways love her music & she is so FIT. Haan De Munde, Qurbaan, Rewind, Ghetto Jus Amazing. 'Malang' SOunds awesome..lookin g Forward to it. #StrangerFamily :-) x

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