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Exclusive Interview with Sonam Bajwa on Sardar Ji 2


Kulwinder spoke to one of the loveliest actresses in Punjabi cinema currently, Sonam Bajwa who we saw on the big screen alongside Diljit Dosanjh in Punjab 1984. 

The film was a hit and her acting was commendable. Now we have her featuring again with Diljit but in a comedy. Sardar Ji 2 which releases on Friday 24th June.

Hey Sonam! How are you doing?

Hey Kulwinder, I am well just busy with press and promotions.

So Sonam tell me about your character?

So my character's name is Diljot. She is a student from Punjab who goes to Australia. She is just fashionable that is all she is concerned about. Her hair, nail, make-up, shoes you name it everything. There is even a kidnapping scene and all she is concerned about is her looks.

In reality how much can you relate to Diljot?

We are both different. I am the opposite. I love being causal and in my gym clothes. But performing the character of Diljot was fun, a great experience and memorable.

So you last worked with Diljit in Punjab 1984, which was a serious film. How was the experience working with him this time round in a comedy with a different atmosphere?

During the shoot of Punjab 1984 we hardly spoke. The atmosphere was different. But this time round it was fun on the set.

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How about working with Monica Gill?

It was the first time we met and she is fun and full of energy.

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Favourite song?

Mittran da Junction and Razamand.

What was it like shooting for a comedy?

Fun, spontaneous, everyone is happy I enjoyed it, the experience was good.

How did you feel about working from a serious character to a fashionable young girl in Sardar Ji 2?

I like to be in different roles. I like variations. For me it was a good experience as I challenge myself and I like to work hard and see what I can deliver.

Nervous or excited about the release?

I am never nervous for the release as nothing can be changed. I am more nervous during the shoot. I have only seen my scenes and looking forward to watching the full version.

Why is this film called Sardar Ji 2 when there is a no relevance to the first?

It is a sequel and it is only the name that is the same, I am sure audiences will enjoy this as much as the first. This film is new and something fun and for the family. I am very excited.

What is next for Sonam?

I will be announcing something next week, which I am super excited about. It has been a secret for sometime. I have a film coming with Ammy Virk releasing this November. I have another film which I cannot mention about yet but is has been challenging, I had to audition for it and the director could not believe that I was fit for the role.

So it made me more confident and I am looking forward to the release.

Thank you Sonam, we at wish you all the success and best for your upcoming releases and SardarJi 2.

Interviewed by

Kulwinder Kaur Kainth

Instagram: Kulwinderkk

Twitter: Kulwinder91

Snapchat: Simply_Bhangra