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Exclusive Interview with Jassie Gill


After his huge success in the Punjabi film industry's Prabhsimar Kaur caught up with the singer actor Jassie Gill who is back with his upcoming track Gabbroo.

5 years in a music career can be seen as a short lived journey, but when comparing to his peers, Jassie Gill has certainly delivered. Whether starting from his debut album, Bachmate in 2011, right through to his last anthem Attt Karti, every release has been a major success.

So how is the song Gabbroo different from your earlier songs we have seen? Have you experimented with music or cinematography?

Gabroo is romantic song, which we have introduced. As Jassie Gill is always known for his melodious voice, this song depicts the love of a guy towards a girl who is keeping the guy in a situation where he is not clear that weather she loves her or not.  It seems she is neither here nor there, but we will all have to wait till the 12th August to see if she makes a decision by the end of this three and a half minute head bopping treat.  

I did not want to disappoint and have taken the winning formula from my last song Attt Karti, by working with Arvindr Khaira again on the visuals.

Jassie Gill

Shot on location in Australia, the impressive video, accompanies his sure fire new smash hit vocal and music. The music for Gabbroo has been produced by Preet Hundal, with lyrics by the talented Jaani.

You have tried your hand on every genre of singing so, how have you managed to keep this song different from the others?

The sound is that differentiator in every song. With composition of every song, I try to make sure my music and songs cater to audiences not only in India but fans & audiences abroad as well.

What kind of changes or new methods have you used to bring a fresh vibe in this song?

For this song we launched the trailer in a new style. Its the first time that any trailer has been released live on Facebook, I went live on Facebook and released the trailer 2 days back. The complete planning of our my management team EYP Creations and Gold Media Entertainment from India, Kalikwest from USA and Gautam from ABC Digital, UK.

It is the first time people are making innovative posters on there own and sharing it on the Facebook pages worldwide. We are also promoting the best ones on our page.

As an artist, how important do you feel it is for artists to keep engaged with their fans via social media?

I think and really feel Social Media is the best and the widespread medium across all portals. From an artist point of view, Social media gives you that reach at one location to showcase & promote your talent and reach to your audiences directly.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately regarding the industry and its perceived lack of creativity; do you think the problem lies with artists, or to audiences who should be demanding more?

It is not about lack of creativity, but the pace of life, which actually lets you go through alot of content digitally. So, even though artists put their best foot forward in terms of creativity, access to creative talent on Youtube lets you choose best of the best content.

How much does the quality of the industry overall and the quest to be original weigh on your mind as a Artist?

See, I believe only original content takes a leap ahead in terms of quality of music and also the industry forward synonymously. Original content would always have longer lifetime.

Which among the debut actors, singers do you like or who do you think will become a really good actor amongst the latest singer-actor clan?

I think a new actor Jassie Gill is doing good stuff. -) Jokes apart, all the young actors are doing really good work and the industry is growing because of that reason.

How do you think this industry is changing for the new singers or actors or how difficult it is nowadays to enter in this industry?

See any profession we are doing is difficult to be successful. A lot of hard work is required in every field. In music, wheather it was earlier or now, hard work is the key to success.

How do you experiment with your acting as well as singing?

Well I am always open for creativity. Failures or success is separate but till the time you don't experiment, you don't get see what is right or wrong. But I try to make sure that experiment doesn't hurt my followers and other audience.

Do you ever think that your singing is lagging behind because of you acting career?

Not at all. I am totally focused on singing first. That’s how I started and its in my blood.

Which part is the most difficult to play and express as an actor or singer?

Both actually

How do you think Punjabi industry is at par with Bollywood?

Punjabi Industry is growing really fast. You can see that every movie of Bollywood is almost having a Punjabi Track in it. Lot of old Punjabi hits numbers have been launched in the movies. Our music depicts happiness & brings energy. So definitely Punjabi Music is coming forward.

Do you think nowadays it has become a necessity for the newcomers to be a actor and a singer both or some use their singing as a platform to become an actor?

It depends on how the individual thinks. Because if someone’s feels that he/she is good at acting after becoming a singer its good they can use that platform.

Your upcoming projects?

Me and Babbal Rai are both coming up with a complete album which will have singles from both of us and duet songs. The first song of the album will be a duet by the both of us.

Any message for SimplyBhangra readers?

Would specially like to thank all at SimplyBhangra and the audiences who always keep supporting me for all of my work. Your support and love has always made me what I am today.

The song provides a fresh cut through beat, with jazzy synths over a melodious signature vocal from Jassie. Gabbroo will not only be loved by those loyal fans, but also be an invitation to others who continue to fall in love with this rising superstar!