Exclusive 'SardarJi' Interview with Diljit Dosanjh!

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Once again Kulwinder caught up with the one and only superstar Diljit Dosanjh, who is at the peak of his career with constant tours, singles and films releasing with SardarJi being the latest.


Hey Diljit, Once again welcome to the UK! How are you doing?


Thank you, I'm doing very well - it's been a great year for me so far.

Yes, it defiantly has and there so much more for your fans to see. I wish you all the best in your upcoming film, Saardar Ji- do tell us about your character?


Thank you - my character is called 'Jaggi' who is an orphaned boy gifted with special powers to communicate with spirits. The film is centred around my funny encounters with different ghosts and how I solve their problems.


The film then shows me jet-setting to England from India to catch a mesmerizing lady ghost to help solve the dilemma of a couple who have unknowingly booked a possessed castle as their wedding venue. To add to the trouble, the wedding is to be attended by a special esteemed guest - the Royal Highness of England. 


With no option to change the venue or the date and the couple having tried every ghost hunter in the world, I'm the couple's last ray of hope for a peaceful wedding. Will I able to convince the beautiful witch to leave the castle during the couple’s marriage - you'll have to watch to find out. :)

Very interesting indeed, something which the Pollywood industry has not seen yet.  This is your first time working alongside Mandy Thaker? How was the experience?


It was great, she is a very talented actress and it was fun working with her.

Once again you have worked with Neeru Bajwa- does this allow you to be comfortable on screen as you've shared the screen plenty of times before?

It is always a pleasure to work with Neeru, she is my senior she's been around in this industry much longer than I have and I respect her a lot and of course we have worked in the past together so it does help in working together again. 




This is your first fantasy film and the first time we will see this genre in the Punjabi cinema. Are you confident on the success?


I think that the Punjabi film industry is growing, and is keen with experimenting with different genres - producers are now open to experimenting with different kinds of films - This particular film is for all age groups and is outright family entertainment, so I hope audiences love the film.


What was the best scene?


I don't have a particular scene I think the best was - shooting the whole movie; this has been a fun experience. For the first time in Punjabi cinema we have used high-end VFX, the kind that is seen in Hollywood to create this fantasy film so it's been an exciting film as a whole to be part of. But yes when I think about the film my memories go back to the freezing cold weather of England when shooting here. 


HA you will always experience the ‘cold’ weather in England no matter when you come. So you mentioned using high end VFX this is defiantly something to cherish being the first to be part of a film doing something new.  So tell us your favourite dialogue?


I think my favourite dialogue from the film features in the trailer as well  where I'm called - ' oye sardaar' and I remind him it's Ji' Sardaar Ji' - 

Great dialogue and it will be a favourite one for many fans. Favourite song and why?


I think my favourite song is VeerVar. It's a song that I've sung and the whole video etc has turned out great on screen.




Apart from being a Sardar Ji yourself why do you think Rohit Jugraj casted you?


You will have to ask him that question :) I have a great working relationship with Rohit and we work very well as a team as there is a mutual admiration for each other’s work ethic.

Why should we as viewers go and watch the film?

Audiences should watch it because it's a light-hearted comedy film with some great VFX, the whole film is a funny roller coaster ride which they will enjoy. It's an outright family entertainment film which you will enjoy.

What do you look for when selecting a script?


I work from my heart. When I look at the script I need to feel myself in the character. As you can see I've done a variety of genres - romantic genre with Jatt & Juliet, Period film with Punjab 1984 and now a fantasy comedy genre with Sardaar Ji. 

Is your focus on Punjabi cinema as it allows you to bring out music quickly rather than spending several months working on a track or album?


I enjoy doing films and singing so I would like to have the right balance between the two in my career. 

Does the touring, recording for songs, acting get too much or do you feel you juggle it all well?


It is a lot of hard work but at the end of the day when I see that I've added some joy to my fans lives it's worth all the effort. 

A part from Udta Punjab any unreleased films?


I will discuss that in my next interview with you guys :) for now Sardaar Ji and yes Udta Punjab in the pipeline


Looking forward to speaking to you again!Do you think one day Punjabi films will have the opportunity to make big budget films?


The budgets for Punjabi films are steadily growing and are becoming bigger, if audiences enjoy watching our films it will encourage a lot more producers to spend more on making big budget films.

Message to the readers of


Thank you guys for all the love and support you give me - please go watch Sardaar Ji on 26th June at your nearest cinema in the UK - Love you guys 

Lastly how can your fans stay in touch with you? I know you love Periscope!


I'm super active on social media - one of the only few artists to use periscope on twitter. :) My fans can follow me on twitter, Instagram and Facebook

Interviewed by Kulwinder Kaur Kainth


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Doesnt have the buzz like used to, lets see what his new movie is like

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