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Exclusive Interview with Bygg V (Da Vokal Machine)

bygg interview

Jovan Heer had a chance to catch up with American Punjabi artist Bygg V also known as “Da Vokal Machine” who will be releasing his 2nd single titled ‘DVM Boliyan’.


You go by the name "Da Vokal Machine" where did you come up with that and when did you realize that you wanted to use that as a stage name?

Being born and raised in Chicago, IL I am very blessed to speak Punjabi like I was born in India and I am very proud of our language and culture, so the nickname "Da Vokal Machine" is given to me by my younger brother, Vishal and cousin, "The Undisputed King" DJ Aladdin. They've seen me perform with such passion at family functions and Punjabi Cultural programs in Chicago when I was younger and one day they saw me perform live boliyan to dhol for about 4-5 minutes and said "Great Job, Vocal Machine!" From there, the nick name just clicked and I made it a part of my stage name to Bygg V "Da Vokal Machine" because of the swag factor, haha.

Your first track was named Jaan Khadd Di, what did you learn from the making in that track and how was the response for it?

Jaan Khadd Di is an amazing track written by Happy Darewala from Punjab and sent to me by Gurvinder Singh (Global Sound Records UK), but I had no idea on how to compose it vocally to the beat. The beauty of the learning experience came into play when my younger brother and I sat down and brainstormed ideas at home where he helped me compose the lyrics. From there, we took the instrumental to ICE Studios here in Chicago, IL and recorded this beautiful track which came out better than expected after the mixing and mastering were finalized by Gurvinder Singh and Nin Matharu.

As far as the response goes, it was my first solo track and I did not market myself that well via video, social media etc so not a lot of people took notice of it right away, but according to ITunes and Sound Cloud plays "Jaan Khadd Di" is starting to gain it's recognition.

This is now your 2nd single, is their anything that you did or will do differently from the 1st track you released?

Since this is my second single, the only thing I did different was a better follow up because that is very difficult to do. In the future, I will come out with songs with better lyrics that make people move and grove but make sense all at the same time.

You chose to release your tracks under XTC's music label, did you ever put any thought in releasing your music with any other top music labels?

Oh absolutely! I have put a lot of thought into releasing my music with other top music labels which is the goal going forward, however working independently right now gives me the freedom create music the way I like.  The beautiful part of the collaborations I've had between XTC and Gurvinder Singh is that we feed off of each others ideas and collaborate as a team to create some unique tracks.

As a Punjabi artist in North America, what do you think has to be done to get the music from Canada or the USA noticed somewhere in the UK and India?

As a Punjabi artist in North America, I believe self promotion via social media, live performance and being involved in the community are the major keys. You never know who you'll meet if you don't network by getting yourself out to the public. Moreover, I believe people have to see your passion for what you're doing.

I try to show people who I am and what I love via my social media such as snapchat @byggv or instagram @bygg_v. Ideally, my ultimate goal is to perform live in the U.K. and Canada like the legends used to in the 80's and 90's and also win awards for my hard work.  I've seen a lot of artists come and go in the Punjabi music industry for various reasons, but I feel like my time is now to come in and show the world that live performance is one of the most fulfilling moments any singer can have. 

Truth be told, the vibe is very different from going on stage and lip syncing.  Anybody can go up and do that, but I want people to get their monies worth and enjoy the same feeling I have performing for them because my performances comes straight from the heart which makes my passion shine.

Who do you look up to in the music industry and who would you love to work with?

The number 1 guy who I'll always look up to in the music industry is Jazzy B! I would've never started singing if I never saw his video of Londono Patola when I was 17 years old. I was instantly inspired by his style, passion for live singing , and how down to earth he is in interviews. I remember my brother chasing Hard-E down during a gig in Chicago just for me talk to Jazzy B, but I blew it because I was so starstruck to meet my idol, lol. If I can have the opportunity to meet him again, hopefully things will be different.


The other artist I am inspired by is none other than the man who did the introduction for my upcoming song, D.V.M. Boliyan, is Jelly Manjitpuri. What can I say? Mr. Manjitpuri is a down to earth guy with a charisma like no other when it comes to any of his intros to singing and lyrics. Every time I hear a track of his, I am always mind blown. Jelly Manjitpuriji is a very blessed individual and I can't thank him enough for doing something so small for me that caused a huge impact.Lastly, I'd love to work with a few people in the industry such as "The Music Man" Sukshinder Shinda, Desi Crew, Aman Hayer, Dark MC and Angel, Dr. Zeus, Ravi Bal and Epic Bhangra. 


Can you explain your thought process from the beginning to end of the production? From the lyrics to the production to working with Jelly Manjitpuri & XTC?

D.V.M. (Da Vokal Machine) Boliyan is a fun party track that I've had in mind for 2 years, but couldn't finish the lyrics because I am not a full time lyricist. Surprisingly, the song came together while I was singing out loud while imaging myself wanting to dance with a pretty woman, lol. In January 2016,  I went into Ice studios again and recorded the acapella. From there, I sent the vocals to XTC and he messaged me back with excitement about wanting to produce the track from scratch. 


The song was originally a club track, but XTC messaged and asked me if he wants Jelly Manjitpuri to do the intro for the track? There was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity. Moreover, D.V.M. Boliyan turned into a 2 version single (Desi and Club) with different versions of the intro by Jelly Manjitpuri with instruments played by Mr. Rahul S Binta Bhagania and his father. When I got the mastered track back from XTC and Nin Mathuru after 4 months, I honestly have no words. I promise you that listeners will be hitting the replay button for a while because the song has an infectious beat, lyrics that flow smooth as ice cream, to passionate Hardcore Punjabi vocals. This track is a BEAST! 


What has the response been to DMV Boliyan as you have performed the track at parties and shows all around already?

The response for D.V.M. Boliyan has been incredible! Every time the intro and tumbi hits the speakers, people stop to listen what song is playing? When I take the mic and sing along, the whole dance floor fills up! I've never seen a variety of people of different cultures get so excited to dance to a  Punjabi song as much as I've seen them dancing to D.V.M. Boliyan. It's an amazing feeling knowing your team has created this monster of a track. Check out my performance videos on Youtube on my page by searching Bygg V or right here on

Will we be seeing more bhangra tracks coming from you in the future or will you also moving into the slow music genre?

I am going to stay true to my style and stick to bhangra tracks because I feel like everyone is trying to do the same thing. I am personally a fun loving guy who loves to get on the dance floor or jam to dance tracks in his car.  If you follow me on instagram @bygg_v or snapchat @byggv, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Do you have any final words for the readers?

First of all, I want to personally thank the whole team for keeping Punjabi music alive and promoting talent from all over the world for the past 10 years because I've been a reader of this website since day one, so congratulations to you guys!

Also, thank you Jovan Heer for conducting this interview and giving me the opportunity to let the world know a little bit about "Chicago di Bulaund Awaaz", Bygg V.

As for the readers, Thank You all for taking the time out of your day to read my interview, stay blessed, follow your dreams, and support this newcomer from Chicago because I promise you will not be disappointed.

For the producers from around the world reading this, let's work! My email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Let's get together and create hits! D.V.M. Boliyan is out June 20th, 2016 on all digital retailers including free streaming on my soundcloud  Ready 1,2,3,4....See you on the dance floor!

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