‘Tum Hi Ho’ Live Cover by Navin Kundra (Video)

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Enjoy this version of ‘Tum Hi Ho’ Cover by Navin Kundra and read the how it came all about here!

A couple of weeks ago, I told my fans on Facebook that I felt like doing a cover of a song and asked them what they would like to hear. “Tum Hi Ho” from ‘Aashiqui 2” was hands down the most popular choice, so my decision was made!

I was eager to record the cover right away but at the time I was preparing for some live shows across Melas in the UK and then had to fly out to Holland for some recording and a show. When I got back, I was thinking about how to cover the song – whether to use a guitar, re-write some parts in English/Punjabi, or whether to put together a full scale production around the whole song.

As it happened, I was unwinding in my Shisha Lounge at home with my keys whilst playing and singing the song. There was something about the simplicity and rawness of performing the cover in that way which just felt right, so after an hour or so, I went for a take and this time, not only recorded it but also filmed it.

The result is this cover. I know that for many, this song is very close to them and whenever another singer tries to cover such a popular song, it's risky and important to do it justice whilst still bringing something new to it. This is probably the first time that you guys have seen me play the keys and sing before, and I sincerely hope you like it.

The initial feedback has been amazing and I look forward to reading all your comments on this version! Nice to see the Shisha in the background getting a lot of love too! (Laughs)

Enjoy this version of ‘Tum Hi Ho’ and be sure to check out my brand new website at, especially the new VIP section for much more! My official new single is also nearly ready for you guys stay tuned more be coming soon here at!