Trap Singh releases his debut album '25'

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Trap Singh releases his debut album '25' featuring has 8 tracks on it and all tracks are very different. The album is like Desihiphop style but the sound does not resemble the Honey Singhs, the Bohemias, even though he his inspired by them. All the tracks can be viewed here!


Speaking to Trap Singh he quotes:

"I'm 25 yrs old from Sacramento California. I started producing music 4 years ago and couldn't' find any singers to sing/rap on my productions so i just decided to rap myself and been doing it for 2 years now. It's been tough couple of years for me but i tried as best as i could to turn into something positive. If fans want to know more, they just have to listen to the songs and they'll know me.

25 - Trap Singh

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