Usman Rehman - Video Diary

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Usman Rehman's new single "Majajan" which is due to release later on in the summer - go behind the scenes to show how the song and music video were made and what goes into making the final product.

Usman Rehman has been working non-stop since the release of his first single, which featured the multi award winning, 'Rishi Rich'. He has been busy in the studio and also been abroad to L.A to finalize projects there, as well as shooting his second music video there. In that time, behind the scenes cameras have followed Usman on his journey so far.

Episode 1 of the Usman Rehman’s Studio Diary sees Usman Rehman getting back into the studio after the success of his first single 'Jadon Holi Jai'. This part shows the process in making a song, from hearing the beat, to coming up with melodies to actually writing the lyrics. Its shows the creative process in song making and captures Usman working away with Young Archie.

Episode 2 sees Usman Rehman & Young Archie in the world famous Blue Print Studios where vocals are put on the track and a process known as mixing occurs. In this episode, the track gets finished and you see how the music video was shot for the track known as, 'Majajan'.

Usman Rehman – Majajan Releases This Summer

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