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Introducing... Kamla Punjabi

Introducing... Kamla Punjabi

From Punjab To The Dirty South, Kamla Punjabi Is Ready To Show The World What He's All About! 

Who Is Kamla Punjabi?

The Official Bio: 

KAMLA PUNJABI - KRAZY PUNJABI. The Punjabi word KAMLA means CRAZY in English. Welcome to the world of K.P. baby. Born and raised in the poverty stricken slums of Punjab, KAMLA PUNJABI has a long resume of stage presence as well as an angelic voice. To put it simply, K.P. brings it to you raw, uncut, and uncensored.

KP teamed up with DA 1 RECORDS and started blessing the world with his new voice in 2002. Featured on DEEP's album IN TRUNKS NOW on songs blending hip hop with Punjabi, KP captured the hearts and ears of the hustlers, grinders, pimps, and playas. Not only has he been featured in numerous magazines as well as desi television, he is currently scheduled to release his upcoming album AAG LAAG GE early 2007

Numerous run-ins with the laws postponed the release but it looks like it was for good reason. KAMLA PUNJABI was able to turn the time into a positive by channeling all his time and efforts into music. Thus comes one of the most anticipated albums of the year from a truly gifted and unique artist. 


Kamla Punjabi is currently working on his debut album 'Aag Laag Ge', he has made numerous appreances on tracks for Bhangra artists, and most recently teamed up with Deep and J-Nas to record the anthem 'Boys In The Hood' (Asian R&B)

Kamla has proved himself to adapt to different styles and moods of bhangra, from not only singing the gangster punjabi songs, but also singing powerful political tracks such as '1984 Charasi', about the horrific events which occured during 1984 in Punjab. Unlike many other artists, shying away from 'taboo topics' is something Kamla does NOT do.

Kamla, still relatively unknown is in the studio finishing off tracks for the album, one which will most definatly put his name on the map!

Watch out for 'Man On Fire' from the new album; Americas Most Wanted 4 Feat Kamla Punjabi And Deep!

 Believe the hype


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