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Sir Aah - The Real Punjabi Mc


Hailing From The Usa, Sir Aah aka The Real Punjabi MC is set to make big leaps into the industry! Already having featured on tracks with Sanj, on the platinum selling Americas Most Wanted 3 with the two tracks; "I can Feel It (Club Mix)" & "Bump+Grind (Bass Mix)" and not forgetting the massive hit track "Block Party", Sir Aah is set to bring out his own debut album, with his own flow and own unique style!

He describes himself as an 'Arab Indian Rapper, with roots all over the Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.

His debut album is due out December 2006, although nearly 6months away, Sir Aah has provided the viewers of with an EXCLUSIVE track,


Click Here To Listen To 'Whats Shakin'


 Ontop of this, you can now listen to TWO More EXCLUSIVE tracks, these feature the talents of the Mentor Kolektiv! Remember You Aint Gonna Be Hearin These Anywere But Here!

Click Here For 'Bang'

Click Here For 'Mamacita'


Big things coming from Sir Aah, keep it locked To!