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'G-Deep, Ready To Make His Breakthrough'


 While many South Asian artists have emerged from UK, G-Deep is perhaps one of the very few South Asian artists who come out of this side of the globe; G-Deep is a promising artist who is on his way to make a strong impact on the music industry while carrying America on his back. This young artist has already displayed infinite amounts of potential and dedication regarding his music and performances. Gagandeep a.k.a G-Deep always dreamt of soothing others through his mellifluous voice. His passion for music started way back in his toddler years when he use to sing in front of the mirror with his mom's hair comb in hand. Shy of singing in front of others, he would secretly sing in his room when no one was home. He would imagine himself performing on stage in front of thousands of people. He would run home from school just to lock himself in the bathroom so that he could practice singing in front of the mirror for hours. G-Deep, who was once shy to sing in front of his own mother has evolved into an enthusiastic and lovable performer who impresses thousands of mothers in the audiences today; many people love the personality and excitement he brings with him on stage. He has learned a great deal from Ustaad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Gurdaas Maan. He even considers Gurdaas Maan his guru, whose footsteps he follows when he makes his own music.

G Deep

The man was born to do music, while others sat and took notes in class G was usually contemplating a new melody or words to a song. All his notebooks were filled with lyrics and quotes. He turns the simplest ideas into heart warming songs and finds great joy in writing. Writing and singing meaningful songs are his therapy from the craziness of this world. Before he starts working on a song, he always puts himself in the situation that he is attempting to bring out while understanding the state of mind his characters go through, this he says, allows him to be a better song writer. He imagines what the girl would say to the guy and what the guy would say to the girl; his great imagination permits him to bring out points of views from both sides. One finds it fascinating to see his ability to even turn a simple conversational dialogue into a freestyle rhyme. G-Deep is full of wisdom at such a young age; his philosophical ideas and phrases are impressive. He claims to be married to his poetry book and often spends his quality time with her. Please check out the poetry section for a glimpse of G-Deep’s artistic skills.

G-Deep came to this country at a young age. Back then he didn't pay much mind to making music; it was all about struggling to make a dollar. It is important to distinguish that experience often shapes a person's personality. Hence, this is the case with G-Deep; he started working and thinking like a mature man when he was very young. One often wonders where the deep words in his songs are coming from. Endless struggle to make it in this business has shaped him into the man that he is today. Although he is a self taught singer / musician, he took a trip back to India a few years back in order to be thoroughly schooled by Traditional musicians and singers in Punjab. G was excited to get back to the states and embark on his journey and also hookup with someone excellent to work with. It has been a tough road for G-Deep but no matter how tough the journey became, he never thought of giving up. In some time, he came in contact with a few people with whom he recorded his very first demos. With coincidence, he met Tekneek, who is now his friend and producer of many songs. Tekneek's impressive beats lead G into writing his songs accordingly. Soon it was all falling into place; his songs were being produced the way G liked them to be. Tek worked closely and paid mind to every detail that G wanted to demonstrate. Soon enough, the word started to get around that G is a new struggling musician looking to make a break in the industry. G started to get offers to perform at local school events, talent shows, and cultural shows. His first performance was at a community center in his home town. His schedule started to get more and more busy; although it was hectic to balance work, school, and studio, G still managed to keep everything on lock.

Just this past year, G joined forces with P.Nox Productions. The Compilation Mixtape that features a diversity of sound has gained tremendous amounts of success. Being able to be a part of this project with the P.Nox crew was defninitely a smart move on G’s behalf. Don Revo and G Deep are currently working on a project that will equally demonstrate the skills of a Punjabi singer along with a Hip hop artist. G Deep has also worked with producer Lucky Johal and is featured on his mixtape_ Lucky Johal’s Hit List Vol. 1. Other mentionable mixtapes are: DJ Fresh_The Official Bhangra Blowout Mixtape, DJ Sharad’s_Still on the block and Desi’s going diamond. G is also featured on Roger Wilco’s mixtape_Chicken and Rice.

More over, G-Deep has differentiated himself from the rest from the very beginning; it is quite clear that he is not your average artist. He calls his music a fusion of young and old flavors, east meets west; traditional Bhangra meets hip-hop. He always attempts to satisfy a vast range of listeners; all his songs have elements that are specifically catered to certain generations. He reaches his younger audience with Bhangra and Hip-Hop beats while he pleases the older audience with his more slow sophisticated retro beats. Along with keeping the true Punjabi culture alive through his music, G also understands the importance of keeping up with the new upcoming trends; therefore, he writes and produces his songs in a manner that will satisfy the new emerging needs of his listeners.

G Deep

In today's music world, it is a rarity that an artist such as G comes out, a pure artist who has pure love for the art. A young professional who has no care for the benefits that come with being a celebrity instead he cares more about doing what he absolutely loves, which is making genuine music. He is a true artist who writes his own songs, who does music his way which portrays his street side along with the Punjabi culture, and who doesn't gives in to the cliché of modern music makers. He is an original music maker who embraces each song as his child, who puts all his love and effort into creating it, who claims that his voice is enough to hypnotize audiences that he doesn't even need an instrument to sing with, deserves a lot of respect and compassion from music lovers all around the globe. It seems obvious that this new artist is here to leave lasting impressions in everyone's hearts.

Thoughts provided by Kiran K.


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