Introducing Nirvair

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Nirvair, a new live bhangra band based in Los Angeles, CA, a three man "power bhangra" band that is deeply rooted in bhangra music (even though at the surface they may get confused with rock).

As a tribute to their bhangra influence, the band has elected to debut with "Emigrant Song", a Nirvair interpretation of Kalapreet's classic anthem 'Us Pardes Ki'.

A word that means without hate or animosity, aptly describes the worldview of this genre less band. Using their unique take on heavy music, Nirvair push back against the voices that seek to group mankind by race, religion, profession, education, social strata, nationality, sexuality, language, soda preference etc.

Bridging such diverse influences as Grunge, British Bhangra, as well as the staunch non conformism of artists like Frank Zappa has yielded a musical style that feels other worldly yet American as a chocolate samosa

The band consists of bassist Taha Kareshi, drummer Namanadys, and Amrit on guitar and vocals.

Live recordings of some of the other songs in the band's setlist will also be uploaded in the coming months.  "


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