Introducing Rizwan Kayani

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“I find myself in a relentless state of war with my desire. When I produce quality music and am applauded for it, it feels like conquering the fortress to me”

This transcendent and inner reflection of this singular personality is directed at all his fans and adherents.

Rizwan is one of those many people sailing in the ocean of music, but the striking virtues that make him stand out among all the others is his incontrovertible abilities towards music and his everlasting lust for learning more and always growing not solely as an artist, but as well as a human being. Rizwan was born on May 20th. Perseverance and stubbornness naturally run in his bloodstream nonetheless, if it weren’t for his persistence, he would never be able to come this far. His mother was not too supportive when it came to following a career involving music. The only adherents from his family were his father.

Despite all the critics, obstacles and hitches in his life, he made his path into the music industry.

Rizwan’s always adored the sound that comes from the guitar strings, by seeing this tangible passion of Rizwan towards the instrument, his father purchased him an electric guitar on his 10th birthday and since then he’s been playing different models of it in order to create new and crossover melodies.

His inspiration came from artists such as Steve Vai and Joe Siterani. He was at the age of 12 when he decided to take up music a profession due to the fact he conjectures that music is the thing that he can do the best. It’s more than a mere casual passion for him, it’s a fixation. Rizwan was so decided about following his career in this field that at the age of 14 he started working on his vocal skills, No, the talent does not end here.

Rizwan also bears an incomparable aptitude towards tackling keyboards and drums, his never-ending creative abilities make him capable to write his own lyrics and compose them into hit-sound tracks. After his uphill struggle of many days and nights, Rizwan released his debut song “arzoo” on May 2005. The hit-track was all composed by himself. What made the release of the song even more exciting was that it came to be aired on the same date of his birthday, which turned out to be auspicious for him. The song obtained an overwhelming response from the listeners. His ambition of staying stable and innovating at a go are unquestionably attributes that assure him a promising and glamorous future.

The forthcoming tracks include Yaad, Deewana Dil and Rung. The videos are expected to be released on the airwaves shortly. There’s also some fantastic guitar work on the album; as mellow and emotive as it is often enamoured with “Pop rock”.

Rizwan’s been currently living in London .which under no circumstances means he is drifting away from the music universe. His practical approaches will definitely help him reach the stars.

Rizwan has organized a faculty of his own that will help him attain his destination in a short span of time: his team comprises of overseas managers, marketing managers, website designer and also a well-chosen body of musicians. Rizwan’s firm aims to release videos from London and other part of the world. He devises to produce high-quality music and diffuse his magical rhythm across the national borders.


Lisa Ayari
0 #1 Lisa Ayari 2013-02-14 15:15
He is very talented & i love his voice! His English move will be fantastic! ;-)

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