London 5th Marathon, Raising money and awareness for Spinal Research

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Thank you to all my loyal & loving supporters who sponsor me each year.

When I was growing up, I would wake up on marathon day and always say to myself, “One day I’ll run the marathon!” It's 2011, and blow me down and pick me up again, I’m about to run my 5th London Marathon and yes, consecutively!

With the support of many special people, I've raised over £6000 for Spinal Research & Asthma UK over the past four years. Marathons 1 & 2 were for my dear brother Lux, who is a massive inspiration to me. With his self-motivation, belief and determination he has overcome many challenges and will continue to do so.  Marathon 3 & 4 was for my dear sis in law, Rajy who tragically lost her life and ran for Asthma UK as she was a sufferer. She'll always be with us and holds a special place in my heart.

I'm proud to be running again for Lux this year and need to raise the minimum £1,500 money for Spinal research.

Running the marathon now, has become a part of my life and those who know me will vouch for my passion and energy for it. Its my focus, its my zone and training has now also become very much my daily routine. Come rain or sunshine I’ll be road running, pounding those miles to raise awareness and help the needy with Spinal Research and injuries.

I've admired those great athletes since my school days and did compete for my county back at school. My main reason for running is to be able to raise much needed money for Spinal Research, a charity which is close to my heart.13 years ago my younger brother was paralysed from the waist down. He was sadly confined to a wheelchair and the doctors had given up on him. But with a lot of self-motivation, belief and determination, he overcame many mental and physical challenges and he KICKED the wheelchair out of his life after 2 years. He has since progressed onto walking with the aid of crutches and has adapted his life as best as he possibly could. He is very independent, loves his car and most impressively, graduated with honours from university. He is achieving so many personal goals and dreams with regards to becoming a music producer. With a lot of hard work, he will soon have his own album launched. I'm so proud of him and my kid brother is a TRUE INSPIRATION to me and everyone who knows him, someone who I really look up to as a true "SUPERHERO!".??My other reason for running for charity is to raise awareness to the Asian Community and for families and friends who tend to hide and put aside many issues to do with Spinal Injuries. There are people out there who need help and support. Spinal research is the ray of light for my brother...through stem cell research; this charity could find a way of curing him and others and help them finally walk again. My brother has tried to achieve this himself but needs help now after over 10 years of trying so so hard himself.

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