The Sound Pipe Media Present Beat Nut

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From the team that brought you Dhol Nut, Tumbi Nut and now Beat Nut is the worlds first beat maker for Bhangra music.

Create your own version of the brand new single Dar Lagda by Taj-E feat Bee2. Have endless amount of fun dragging circles onto the squares, layering the different loops. All music is created by Taj-E from The Sound Pipe Studios so you know you will enjoy this one.

The app allows you to layer instruments such as Mandolin, Tumbi, Dhol, Tabla, Flute with modern hip-hop drums. Try it out today and we guarantee you will love it. Application contains the newest Dar Lagda video, which is out on iTunes to download.

1.Create your own version of Dar Lagda single
2.Simple to use with endless fun
3.Worlds first Bhangra Beat maker.
4.Suitable for all ages.

iPad version - Beat Nut - for iPad - The Sound Pipe Media

iPhone Version - Beat Nut - The Sound Pipe Media


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