The Dhol Enforcement Agency launch the D-E-A iPhone App.

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The Dhol Enforcement Agency are proud to announce the launch of the official D-E-A iPhone App. A joint venture with Soundpipe Media, the D-E-A app is a straight forward allowing you to play traditional punjabi Algoza flutes - the infamous trademark of the D-E-A.

Key features:

* Gorgeous user interface and sounds
* Experience playing traditional music of the punjab tradition
* Simple and easy to use
* Play along to exclusive D-E-A backing tracks
* All available for only a small price

Purchase the App HERE

Demo / Tutoriol "How to play the Jugni tune" on the app  HERE

Demo / Tutorial " How to play Jogi tilion aa geya" on the iphone app HERE

The D-E-A Dhol teams band website

The D-E-A will also be releasing their EP soon titled "Drum N Disordely". It will feature four really Desi tracks, which will be under The Soundpipe Records with a music video to follow.

More information on this follow up soon.



karnal ss
-1 #1 karnal ss 2010-10-27 14:35
nice app, never knew about this one, thankx

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