Make Me A Brit Asia Superstar

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Blaise Productions Presents: Make Me A Brit Asia Superstar: a new weekly entertainment programme that goes behind the scenes of the UK's favourite Asian talent contest: Brit Asia Superstar. See us interact with contestants and judges as well as advice on how to live the dream.
Join host MC Special and Soraya Willis on their quest to find the next British Asian Superstar. Could the next Jay Sean, Freddie Mercury or Panjabi MC be discovered on this show? One thing for show is that the talent this year is sure to blow you away!

Producer: Blaise Johal
Hosts: MC Special & Soraya
Channel: Sky 833
Starts: Wed 3rd Nov @ 21:30 repeated Thurs 13.00, Sat 16.00 and Mon 22:30.

Your new weekly show kicks off this week.

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jay singh111
0 #3 jay singh111 2011-09-20 09:36
Hey.....I think bass auditions for 2011 .......wil be in first week of november......g ood luck kiren.....mite see you there..
-2 #2 kiren.m 2011-05-24 02:46
heyy jus curios how do you apply to try out for brit asia superstar cant find much online. thank u loadsa love kiren xx
Kulvinder Sethi
+1 #1 Kulvinder Sethi 2010-11-04 14:34
this channel is good?? the ad by same company dont delay bullshit, run by the same people - bbc asian network presenters, almost all of them have a show on it? The decent program of Sukhi is back which is good, the apachi indian, good show but needs to be organised, two mics would help so people can hear what you saying and to the radio presenter from Kent, does she talk c**p or what and you get the wannebe Jas Johal with nightshift, what aload of crap.

Not runting about this but there are many more tv channels which are more organized and better presented. Enough Said

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