Introducing Sat Sandhu

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Born and bred in France, Sat Sandhu is working on his first single called "Dil DhaK Dhak" which will be released at the end of the year.  The single comes of his debut album out 2011.

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Currently doing his graduation in Physics, has always seen himself as an artist since he was a little child.

He is a member of a Bhangra group named "Shaan Panjab Di" a bhangra group from France. He's the choreographer and the captain of the group.

His music may be 'modern based' but he is inspired by the great and legendary singers like Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Kuldeep Manak, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sukshinder Shinda and also english singers like Michael Jackson.

With the support of  his family members and friends, gave him the spirit and the motivation to become a singer as there is real talent in his voice.

Enjoy the promo of his first single called "Dil DhaK Dhak" out at the year and he is currently working on his debut album out 2011.



+5 #22 Preetii 2011-02-01 18:11
@R Truth:
Nah I'm Not His Friend & I Don't Know Him Personally.
But Yeah I Get Where Your Coming From And Totally Agree With What Your Saying But Sat Is Something Different He's Something New For The French Panjabis, But For The UK Panjabis. ...We Think He's A Everyday Bathroom Singer Who Needs To Improve His Vocals However... If You Take A Moment To Look From The French Panjabis View, He's Something New!! And They're Proud Of Him And I Think We Should Support Him Too!! ...In Addition To That There Maybe More French Panjabis We Don't Know Of Behind Him ...And They Maybe Trying To Break Into This Field As Well & He's Breaking The Barrier For Them...x
R Truth
-8 #21 R Truth 2011-02-01 08:42

U obviuosly his friend or someting. Look singing isnt a joke, ask people like hans raj hans, sukshinder shinda who have dedicated their life to music then this joker comes out and people say he is trying..what a joke. U dont make a film if u cant act, U dont become a doctor if u dont have the medical education, hence u dont record a song if u cant sing..END OF!!
+6 #20 Preetii 2011-01-31 15:10
Erm...Why Hate The Guy Over The Net? And Comment About Him Through The Middle Man aka The Internet? And People Who Say He Can't Sing And Needs To Put Effort In His Career, He Takes Singing Lessons. Anyway Who Actually Pays Attention To The Vocals Now? No one! Cause If Anyone Did Then Producers Wouldn't Be Producing For Bakwas Singers, As Listed Before 'Manj Banwait, Tank, Deen JanJua etc...' You Know What i Mean But I'm Not Saying It's All About The Beat, His Vocals Are Good And He Is Trying To Improve ...I Personally Love His Song!! And Yeah i Admit At First It Was Hard To Understand What He Was Saying Maybe Because Of His French Accent?! But Once You Understand It, It's a Really Catchy Tune Which Gets You Up And Dancing.
He's The First French Panjabi To Get Into This Field, Just Support Him! Don't Hate, Appreciate. He's Trying Hard To Make Himself A Spot In The UK Bhangra Scene, Give Him A Chance, Let Him Show Us What He's Got Then Judge Him!
R Truth
-7 #19 R Truth 2011-01-31 13:06
[quote name="tallysingh"]

I totally agree with you. You have hit the nail on the head. This guy is so crap. Sounds like a proper bathroom singer who has got some good music and made a song. Please mate dont do this to the industry. U r disrespecting true artists by coming out with this. Learn to speak punjabi properly then learn singing properly. U will have a short career like this and ur fame if any will not last. I could also add a few more to the list of useless UK singers but we all know who they are.
+1 #18 Mr_Desi 2011-01-30 13:10
The trailer it's VERY GOOD but I just seeing the full video on Sat Sandhu facebook page WOOOW VIDEO R AMAZIING !!
+2 #17 jon123 2011-01-20 21:13
yooo wts with all the h8ting man this is a sick track i think his voice is quite sick bt every1nz gt there own opinion i suppose lol
-5 #16 Crazyness 2011-01-17 14:36
Stranger:: Dont be so naive man!!! Just because he speaks the truth regarding Sat Sandhus poor singing ability and lack of vocal knowlegde does not mean he is a hater!!!

It's because of someone like you we have no quality in bhangra music anymore. Every bathroom singer now days are releasing albums.

Imagine getting treatment from a self proclaimed doctor who dont even have a degree!!!

That's the situation in UK, France, Netherlands, Canada and so on.....Welcome to the club Sat Sandhu.
-4 #15 Crazyness 2011-01-17 14:34
Sat Sandhu is just like the rest of the UK "singers".

Not only they need to learn panjabi (well lets just forget about that part), they actually need LEARN HOW TO SING!!!! This is the first stage, not the second!!!!

The music is great but the vocals are so average and untrained that i am litteraly getting sick tired of this b*******.

Please shut the industry down for good. Only few good artist are left.
-2 #14 tallysingh 2011-01-11 13:14
heard the track, apart from dhak dhak dil, he is unclear in his pronunciation, not many people can understand what he is saying, being an singer outside india, you need to have amazing panjabi, cystal clear panjabi. Sat I don't think you do, you need to learn how to dictate properly, a lot of the new singers do not sound good because they do not sing clearly, it's probabaly your french accent. Ive also wondered if these UK, non resident panjabis even understand what they are singing. Being an panjabi singer, you need to be able to read and write panjabi, and talk fluently, otherwise people in india. our mainstream market will just laugh at you. Everyone wants to be the next Jaz Dhami, but they do not realise how hard he has worked, not only in his singing, but his language skils aswell. I am not hating, I am trying to say in order to suceed in this industry, you need to work much harder. Same goes to manj banwait, hardee, tank, deen janjua, juz d, rana sahota, lol the lit goes on.
+9 #13 Stranger 2010-12-31 02:48
Quoting singh from france:
lol i know him...........
bhai nu sa re ga ma pa da v nahi pata..

well there u go, there's your know him, which simply means that you are jealous of him...aap te kuch karna nai..bas singh from france hi ban ke reh jana hai...te dujjeya te comment kari jana...pehla aap jaa ke kuch bann ke dikhaa!
+9 #12 Stranger 2010-12-31 02:42
I think this was an amazing promo!! he got he many people(whether they liked the beats or not...whether they already like/dislike him) want to see the full video and hear him sing the whole song...! he already got his audience! even the people who are disliking him...will sit and listen to his song and watch the video! Everyone is curious to see what he has to offer! Good Publicity, I would say ;)
-6 #11 SANGEET 2010-12-30 15:32
Yes whe now have another crazy idiot who things he could sing and as for his cover well what can i say JOKER !!

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