Joy Home for Children

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Joy Home for Children

Joy Home for Children is a British Registered Charity (No. 1131247) which operates an orphanage near Hyderabad, India.

A home for orphan children, eliminating the feeling of loneliness and desertion, a place that provides these children with a safe and secure environment. All the children have been bought into the Orphanage either by our charity or members of the public over a period of 5 years. Each child has been registered with the local authorities and listed to be in the Care of ‘Joy Home for Children’.

What we do.

* A place to call home – A permanent home with 3 acres of land as their playground providing a safe and secure environment where the children return to after a hard days schooling.
* Education - All children above the age of 5 are registered into a local government school which is 1 km walk from Joy Home. Joy Home provides the children with stationery and school uniform as well as funding their school fees and meals.
* Food and Health Care – The children are provided with a well balanced and nutritious diet which is prepared by Vijata our full time nanny. Lunch is provided by the school for the children below 12 years of age. Any health care issues that arise are dealt with by Dr. Jyothi our founder.
* Training and Developing Skills – The children are trained in many different fields aiding them to become independent in the future.

“Joy Home for Children is not a profit making organisation. 100% of donations will be spent on/for the children. There are no salaries, no administration costs and no funds spent on marketing”

From 2004 till 2008, Joy Home for Children has been privately funded by founders Dr. Jyothi, her husband Dr. K. Karunakara Rao from their wages. As the number of children in our care increase and with spiraling costs, it became essential to generate extra funding.

So in August 2009 the charity was registered in Britain. The website was launched and optimized giving Joy Home for Children the opportunity to reach out on a global scale for support.

Joy Home for Children intends to give the individual donator the opportunity to make a difference on a ‘personal level’ rather then donating blindly into a pool of funds and not exactly knowing where the funds are spent. Donating and being able to see what your donation has achieved would make it so much more rewarding.”

“As it is a small charity, any help makes a massive difference”

For further information about Joy Home for Children, please visit our Website