Introducing Prabh Gill (Promos)

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Introducing a new singer in front of you Prabh Gill straight form Ludhiana (Punjab).  He completed his graduation in music from Prachin Kala  Kendar (Chandigarh).

Prabh Gill launched is first Debut Single “Tere Bina“ recently and got a huge appreciation from the public all over Canada, UK, America, Australia.

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Prabh Gill - Tere Bina.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Tere Bina

Now he’s ready for the another one.

{audio}media/Music/Dec09/Prabh Gill - Dukh Yaar Da.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Dukh Yaar Da

Prabh Gill's influences are portrayed clearly through his music from legends like Kuldip Manak, Surinder Kaur, Yamla Jatt.

Music has always been his greatest passion in life and he always got encouraged by his father who used to work for a Canadian Music Channel in India.

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