Introducing Rakhi

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Rakhi is a singer/songwriter born and brought up in East London where there are many influences from the Hindu Culture.

Having started singing at very young age of 3 and than starting to write her songs, has had many experiences within her background that lead her into the music industry.

She is now working with producers from around the UK and is getting professionally vocal trained by Jane, who has worked within the “West End Theatre Productions”.  She recently attended “The Rishi Rich Academy”, which she states was 'An Amazing Experience'.

Rakhi is an open minded Singer and likes all types of music, but she is mainly based on R'n'B, Hip Hop although she will experiment on different styles.

Currently she is focusing on her studies and will be committing fully to music.  She believes you can achieve anything if you work hard enough for it which is what she plans to do to succeed in the future.

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/RAKHI_STRIDER.mp3{/audio} - Listen to STRIDER

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/Rakhi - Want You ( Produced By Rawz).mp3{/audio} - Listen to Rakhi - Want You ( Produced By Rawz)


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