Introducing Samrita

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Samrita, originally from Glasgow  but now based in the West Midlands,  is a fresh talented singer/songwriter ready to make her mark in the music industry.   With an angelic voice Samrita has proven her extraordinary passion through her music with her work. She is a versatile vocalist singing in English, Hindi and Punjabi.  As a strong and determined artiste Samrita has never held back on opportunities to establish her talent.

When you hear Samrita singing you will understand why people are raving about her. If you have received an engagement ring from or somewhere equally as nice, you may be looking into a singer at your wedding party. Samrita would be a really great option for you, as she has a voice that melts hearts but that can also get the party started. Continue reading to find out some more about this exciting new artist.

When did it start?

My father was a ‘Tumbi Master’ and so from a very early age I was always surrounded by music and rhythm.  He was always a huge influence on me.

How did it start?

After the passing of my father in 1997, I then decided to pursue the path that he had led me on.  As I was growing up he always encouraged me to pursue my dream.

Previous work

I have worked with producers, Rishi Rich and Bally Sagoo, in the past.  I sang on the album ‘Simply Rich’ by Rishi Rich,  a Punjabi track called ‘Yaadan Teriyaan’.  I have also worked on material for an independent label.

Where did I train?

I went to college and graduated in Music Production – Sound Engineering at the same time I was taking vocal training and classical Indian music training from Mr. A. S. Mutlashi.

Produced material

I have compiled a CD of my tracks which are also on these are then available to audiences during my live performances.


I perform in music venues in and around Birmingham.  Further details can be obtained from the myspace website.

Current status

I have recently been selected to enter the regional final of the Open MicUK event taking place at The Assembly in Leamington Spa on 3rd October 2009.  This is a singer / songwriter / dancers event in which the winner will get a full record deal.  Similar to X-Factor minus all the media hype,  so I’ve been busy preparing for that.

I am also currently working on some new material with DJ XFader and renowned singers in the Bollywood industry so watch this space. ( Dj X Fader - 'Janam' 08-09 Mix )

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