Introducing K-Muzik and Silent Trigger

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dub step ep

This Debut brings 2 producers K-Muzik and Silent Trigger dubbed as their first official release the Dubstep EP "999" is ready for release and will hope to catch the attention from djs all across the board and hope listeners of all kinds will find it very interesting.

K-Muzik is a producer from west London working with various artists in various music genres he produces all kinds of music from Bhangra, Hip-hop, RnB and other well known UK genres Grime and Dubstep.

Part of a collective known as Gritty Committee he is currently working on a few projects including a Commercial Hip-hop Album and Bhangra Album which should see listeners tuning in early next year.

Being known as picky and a bit of a perfectionist even though he has been producing for a good few years and hasn't had any real major releases, the reasons
for this is he always says "In The Music Industry first impressions count for a lot", so he wanted to make sure that his first full project heard by the public was perfect and that anybody would be able to enjoy something specific from one of his projects.

Silent Trigger is a 22 year old producer from West London and has been producing for around 5 years now. He started producing when he saw his mates at college making music and that inspired him to follow in their footsteps.

Producers such as K-Muzik helped him to get on his own two feet and we can now tell from the productions that we listen to that he has been working hard. At the end of 2007 Silent Trigger completed his 1st instrumental album which was called “The One Man Orchestra” which had so much positive feedback that it inspired him to work on a 2nd and 3rd which are now completed.

He says the 4th is in progress, but he has said this project is now pushed back as he is working on a more important CD. He says that’s what ever he feels at the time will be expressed though what he produces!

As a big thank you he would also like to make known that he is well appreciative of all his listeners taking their time out to be interested in his work and those who have taken the time out to take an interest as it helps him develop into a better producer.

"999" is a small project that K-Muzik and Silent Trigger created from scratch within 9 days. Both of these producers love their dubstep so that was the genre that the project would be based on.

At the end of August K-Muzik and Trigger just came up with an idea of bringing out a project on 09/09/09 and calling it "999".

They both loved the idea of this and started the work for it straight away and were completed on 07/09/09 ready for release on 09/09/09!!! There are 9 mind blowing dubstep tracks on this E.P. that will make your room shake!!!

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/04 Insperational Soundz.mp3{/audio} - Listen Here - Insperational Soundz

{audio}media/Music/Sept09/02 TigerStyle.mp3{/audio} - Listen Here - TigerStyle



0 #1 sneaky 2012-02-20 05:15
DUDE! just heard *something for the weekend* for the 1st time-man r u talanted! have you played it at 75% speed?? did you mean it to sound that good ?????????

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