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Gajjan Singh releases Comin Home

The first Punjabi Folk trap artist from Chicago in the history of Music. Gajjan Singh is back with his 11th track ‘Comin Home’!

The track tells the story of Gajjan’s earlier life when he was riding the streets of Chicago with his boys.

‘At the time I was also engaged to my wife in India. She would call and ask me to fix up, mend my ways, settle down and start a family but I didn’t want to separate myself from my friends that I had grown up with, I was so caught up on the streets and it took me 4 years to get back to her.'

That’s how the words and lyrics came up. Real stories told in 3-4 minutes. The video was shot in Chicago in -28degree Celsius weather conditions. My jaw was so cold that I couldn’t even keep up with the lyrics. Finally, we had to stop, we almost had frostbites that day.'

Respect & thank you to all my fans and my team for putting their tremendous hard work and support and Sunny Dhinsey did what we had to do and that is, we took care of business.

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