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Suman Releases By Myself

Suman, the British singer-songwriter, is back more fabulous than ever with her new hip hop single, 'By Myself.'

Grabbing the attention right away, Suman leads an extraordinary journey that showcases her natural musical talent. Moreover, she delights with her beautiful singing and song writing skills, rivalling some of the world’s biggest names in music.

Suman explores her musical palette with determination and passion, bringing an up-to-date hip hop beat to the vanguard while also delving into her Eastern influences, creating a soundscape akin to no other in the current game.

'By Myself' also sees Suman unite with producer Ayo Beatz, and he delivers his unique flare with magnitude. It's thrilling, memorable and the remedy for ravenous ears this autumn.

So, you're seeking the best new hip hop that's a little different? Look no farther than Suman's 'By Myself,'

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