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Balbir Bhujhangy - Daddy Bina (Video)

Infinity Music UK Presents the video to the Song titled "Daddy Bina" in Voice Of "Balbir Bhujhangy".

Balbir Singh Bhujhangy is a worldwide renowned Punjabi folk artist and has been singing since 1964.

He established the infamous band known as the ‘Bhujhangy Group’ which originated in 1967 with his late brother, Dalbir Singh who sadly passed away in 2008. Balbir has been recognised by the Guinness book of World Records 2019 for singing over 300 songs and continuously for over 50 years.

This profound tribute was personally requested by a family who tragically lost their loved one in November 2019.

Infinity Music, a ground breaking and innovative UK record label acknowledged Balbir’s years of passion for music and dedication to his local communities and published this tribute.

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