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Raashi's Views on The Current Music Industry!


Rupinder caught up with Raashi to ask her views on the music industry.

Young talented female artist Raashi Sood is someone who is willing to try new ideas. As we know having worked with artists globally from PropheC to recently working with Ickey Singh there is a lot of talent within her.

A lot of Bhangra artists/producers have had mainstream success with their distinct styles. Where do you see the industry in the next decade? Can a bhangra artist/producer still be at the top of his game without going mainstream?

The industry, as we can see, is evolving and is dynamic. Its actually difficult to tell what will work and what won't. But with the growth of social media platforms like youtube i believe that it is absolutely possible for one to be top of his/her game without going mainstream.

There’s been a lot of discussion lately regarding the industry and its perceived lack of creativity; do you think the problem lies with artists, or to audiences who should be demanding more?

It is actually mutual. With what i have noticed, original things arent really getting much attention and hence the era of remakes is on a roll. Rarely have i heard an original composition gain good recognition, and with original composition i mean a good composition.

Rest the industry is run not by artists but by the audience, so yeah whatever they like an artist will deliver.

I just hope good talent and good artists come out of the 'underrated zone' and get recognized.

You've just been signed up to Simply Bhangra records and we've given you an unlimited budget for musicians, producers and One mega high budget video set anywhere in the world. Who would you choose to work with and where would you pick to shoot that video?

Well , there is such a massive amount of talent in the industry these days which makes this decision even more difficult.
If given a chance I would definitely make a soul shaking melody with the duo Jaani and B Praak.

And as far as the video is concerned , im not too picky. Its the sound i like to master, video is secondary for me.

We wish Raashi all the best with her future projects and continue to show female talent.

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