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Jagtar Dulai’s Year and Future Plans!

Until the end of year will be asking artists about their year and what they have planned for us in the coming year.

No matter how big or small an artist is there are always obstacles which people face and have to overcome to be successful!

Lets start of looking at an artist from the UK.

For growing young UK artist Jagtar Dulai it has been a year where he has shown he is not giving up in this competitive market. With back to back successful releases which was completely unexpected from an upcoming artist, his fan following is growing and they have started to love his work. Working with artists such as Dav Juss, PropheC and DJ Raj shows he’s already heading towards the right direction.

‘The journey has been a rollercoaster! I aimed to release as many singles as I could this year and I’ve done just that! ‘Saari Raat,’ ‘Aja Kuriye,’ ‘Jaanke’ and ‘Ho Jaana’ all came out this year and for a new artist like me to put that many singles out is great! One more is left to release this month ‘KPD.’

Over the years I have learnt what my strengths are and I’ve stuck to those, I’ve tried to be as unique as possible and I feel uniqueness lacks in the UK scene.

I feel the UK industry is nowhere near as big as it was before but I hope the newer artists can bring it back to where it was before.

More singles are to come next year! One collaboration which I am really excited for. Me and Aman Hayer have teamed up once again so expect a desi one to come soon!’

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