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The Jujj Feat. Vigo - Good Mood

goodmood jujii

The Jujj begins his journey in the international Punjabi music arena with his close friend and collaborator - Vigo.

Through “Good Mood” - an upbeat, uptempo song penned by The Jujj, with Vigo providing the beats, and both contributing vocals on the track - the artists aim to begin a powerful new journey: to bring first-rate, unique music to audiences worldwide, through their individual brand identities.

Watch out for new singles by Vigo, and EPs/Albums from The Jujj!

Song: Good Mood

Artist: The Jujj Feat. Vigo
Vocals: The Jujj, Vigo
Lyrics: The Jujj
Music: Vigo

BIO - The Jujj

The.. Who?! What?

The Jujj - a UK-based music artist. In today’s connected and chaotic world, he believes his background and personal details are not important. What is important is to bring fresh new ideas, and innovate beyond artificial boundaries, breaking as many rules as necessary. All in the name of elevating the human spirit - through music.

The Jujj considers himself an ‘A-Z artist’ - capable of creating new music from the conception of an idea, through to writing lyrics; recording and producing the music; and developing the visuals for a song - all independently by himself.

Training and struggling on his own, and hardened via multiple setbacks in the last five years, The Jujj sound and musical style can be thought of as raw and experimental, but with a definite vision.

Ok, so what?

As a new generation takes the reins, The Jujj is passionate about keeping the great and often dying Punjabi culture alive. At the same time, his one greater goal is to take the game of Punjabi music and South Asian artists to the highest level in the world - from the best EDM DJs on the one hand, to the best Pop/Hip Hop artists and rappers on the other.

Facebook: TheJujjOfficial. @The Jujj and Vigo: VIGO

Youtube: TheJujjOfficial

Instagram: TheJujj

Twitter: @TheJujj

Soundcloud: TheJujj

Snapchat: TheJujj