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Every month will be looking back at the songs released in the past month and giving you some of our top songs of the month. Here are some of our top songs of June 2017!

 Jassie Gill - Dil Tutda

Jassie has released a sad romantic track entitled 'Dil Tutda.' Jassie has been promoting this song for some time however once released he did not let his fans down as this nice melodious song is already receiving a lot of good reviews.

Jassie has been releasing many dancefloor anthems however have not heard Jassie sing in this style in a long time. He himself prefers singing this style.

 Dilpreet Dhillon - End Yaar

Dilpreet has released many songs where his performances are mainly focused around action. However the video 'End Yaar' is quite different to his previous singles as it is set in a college hall where he is doing a bhangra performance. The song is taken from his recent film 'Great Sardaar.'

 Jaz Dhami - Oye Hoye Oye Hoye

Jaz has shown his fans he can sing a wide range of genres from is previous releases such ad 'Munda Like Me', 'Bari Der' and 'Meh Punjabi Boli Ah.'

However he has taken a risk and changed his style of singing and showcased a western style in his music such as 'Teri Ah' and 'Oye Hoye Oye Hoye' of which the latter is one of Simplybhangra top songs of the month. This risk has opened many more doors for Jaz and his versatility is being recognised to a wider audience.

 Akhil - Life

In the past Akhil has released superhit romantic tracks such as 'Khaab' and 'Gani' both which as still loved today! The video to both songs are quiet different even though they both tell a romantic story.

However 'Life' is a romantic party track which has been portrayed in a completely different way... we have not seen Akhil in a video in this form in the past.

 Sada Time | Dj Harv ft. Benny Dhaliwal

Benny Dhaliwal's summer anthem 'Sada Time' is a UK bhangra track which brings a RnB vibe. There is something different and unique in Benny's videos compared to other bhangra songs by other bhangra artists. His previous tracks such as 'Range Rover' also received a great response.

 Gupz Sehra - Engine Te Bhangra

Gupz Sehra single 'Engine Te Bhangra' is another upbeat bhangra song. The video to his songs are all quite different to each other. Not only is Gupz a singer he is first a music director and did the music to this song. With many successful worldwide hits and the phenomenal response to 'Label Black,' shows the multi talented artist has a lot to give to his fans.

 Nimrat Khaira - Bhangra Gidha

The winner of Season 3 'Voice of Punjab' Nimrat Khaira track 'Bhangra Gidha' illustrates how a boy was part of a bhangra group and a girl was in a gidha group who loved each other and then were also once dance partners for a performance.

'Oho bhangre di team vich hunda si
Te main gidhe de group vich hundi si'

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