Female Punjabi Music industry ft. Miss Pooja, Bambi Bains, Nimrat Khaira, Rupinder Handa

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As we end off the month of June we end it off by showcasing the remaining artists on our journey through the entire female Punjabi music industry.

The female industry is growing yearly and it's amazing to see such talent on display all over the world. It is time for the women in the industry to be put onto the same spectrum as the male artists and be shown the respect when they release their music, videos and act in films.

Miss Pooja

Miss Pooja is known as the ‘Queen of Duets’ and is one of the best female Punjabi artists of all time. Pooja is the largest selling female Punjabi music artist in the world and it doesn’t look like anyone will be able to chase that accomplishment anytime soon. Miss Pooja started off her successful journey back in 2006 where she collaborated with Darshen Khela and released the album ‘Jaan To Piyari’ and she has never looked back since.

She has since released over 1500 tracks and over 300 albums with ‘Romantic Jatt’ being her first solo album which she released in 2009. The ‘Romantic Jatt’ album featured hit tracks like ‘Kise De Naal Pyar’, ‘Romantic Jatt’, and ‘Mere Do Nain’ just to name a few. As popular as Miss Pooja has been throughout her entire career, her track ‘Seeti which was created alongside Punjabi artist Geeta Zaildar is her top track of all time. As Not only is Miss Pooja one of the icons of the music industry she has also starred in several Punjabi films including ‘Pooja Kiven Aa’, ‘Ishq Garaari’ and most recently ‘Best of Luck’.

Pooja’s most notable releases include ‘Date On Ford’, ‘Aashiq’, ‘Seeti’, ‘Cha Da Cup’, ‘Ludhiana College’, ‘Desi Jatt’, and ‘Jhona Launa Chad De’ which she released with Surinder Shonki. Her recent work includes singles such as ‘Sohnea’, ‘Pasand’ which featured DJ Dips and the track ‘Hoor’. We look forward to what Miss Pooja will be adding onto her legacy of being the top female artist of our time.

You can watch the music video for Miss Pooja’s ‘Sohnea’ track below

Bambi Bains

We first heard of Bambi Bains when she joined a Team PBN and released the track ‘Zaalma’ in 2013 with music produced by UK Punjabi music producer PBN. That song blew up and was very successful in the Punjabi music scene, a year later they collaborated once again alongside team member Raj Bains on ‘Nath Dig Pey’ which is still a banger of a Bhangra track today.

Bambi Bains has recently made her mainstream debut in the all girl group who call themselves ‘Miss Treat Vibe’ along with Lavelle, Jeanette, and Moesha and and starred on the hit tv show Britains Got Talent which is one of the top talent shows around the world. The group was so talented that they got themselves into the semi-finals of the show and did a commendable job performing for the tv audience all around the world.

You can watch Bambi’s music video for Nath Dig Pey below:

Nimrat Khaira

Nimrat Khaira is one of the newcomers to the Punjabi music industry but the entire world took notice when she won the Voice of Punjab season 3 competition. Nimrat made her debut into the music industry at the start of 2016 when she released the Bhangra track ‘Ishq Kacheri’, that track was huge and got her foot into the door when it came to people noticing her.

She followed up ‘Ishq Kacheri’ with ‘SP De Rank Wargi’, ‘Salute Vajde’, ‘Changa Lagda’, ‘Rohb Rakhdi’, ‘Akhar’, ‘Lahoriye’ and most recently ‘Bhangra Gidha’. She also collaborated with Jassie Gill and Babbal Rai on the track ‘Jhumke’ for the film Sargi which she also starred in alongside them. She then had the opportunity to collaborate with one of the top male artists and actors in Gippy Grewal and they released ‘Dubai Wali Saikh’ for the Manje Bistro Pollywood film soundtrack.

At only 24 years of age, Nimrat is one of the top female vocalists in the world and has taken part in several tours around the world already. Most recently she has toured with Garry Sandhu and has an amazing stage presence with great live vocals as well as dancing along and feeding off from the energy of the crowd that she is entertaining. Nimrat Khaira’s top track to date is ‘Salute Vajde’ where the music for the track was produced by Canadian music producer Deep Jandu and featured lyrics from Harf Cheema.

You can watch the music video for Nimrat Khaira’s ‘Salute Vajde below:

Rupinder Handa

Rupinder Handa grew up in India and entered the Punjabi music scene by winning the ‘Awaaz Punjab Di’ competition back in 2005. What a powerful voice and talent she put on display for all of us to see and start the amazing career and has gotten her to where she is now in the industry. Rupinder has released 3 albums to date including ‘Mere Haniyan’ in 2006, ‘Fulkarian’ in 2009 and most recently ‘Loving Waves’ in 2012.

Rupinder Handa’s most notable track to date is ‘Pind De Gerhe’ which she released in 2015, the music for the track was produced by India’s own Desi Crew and featured lyrics written by Narinder Batth under the T-Series label. Rupinder’s most recent tracks include ‘Arrab Punjaban’, ‘Sardar Te Mardi’, ‘Takhatposh’, and ‘Drive’ where she collaborated with PBN and Aman Sandhu on the Bhangra track.

You can watch the music video for Pind De Gerhe below:

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