Part 1 - Ammy Virk - Top Male Artists in the Punjabi Music Industry!

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This month we will be looking at the Top Male Artists in the Punjabi Music Industry!  Let us start the month with young bhangra singer Ammy Virk.

He has only been in the bhangra industry for a few years and has already obtained a large fan following. Early in his career he released his album 'Jattizm' which in 2014 at PTC Punjabi Music Awards received an award as the 'Best Album Of The Year.'

This built Ammy's confidence and he started releasing many more singles such as 'Hassiyan Khedian' and 'Vailpuna.' In 2015 the lyrics to his track 'Zindabaad Yaarian' penned by Maninder Turke were so effective and powerful that it is still a track which is played worldwide today!

Ammy informed me if he had the opportunity to do a duet with a female artist it would be Sudesh Kumari as she is such a brilliant singer and her songs are always a hit!

Ammy has performed live in many countries however he believes the most challenging part is making shows a sell out and to ensure the audience are enjoying themselves.

Besides being an extremely excellent singer, he has also casted in many successful Punjabi movies such as 'Bambukat,' 'Nikka Zaildar,' 'Ardaas' and the most recent release 'Saab Bahadur.'

Ammy said as a singer the best part about acting in a film is you can also sing for the film, which he has proved as he has sung many songs in his own films such as 'Mini Cooper' and 'Lagdi Na Akh' for the film 'Nikka Zaildar' and 'Kainthe Wala' alongside Kaur B for the film 'Bambukat.'

His performances in films has been loved worldwide which was proved earlier this year at the Jio Filmfare Punjabi Awards 2017 as he received the Best Actor Male (Critics) for the film 'Bambukat' which won the award for the Best Film.


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G Kaur
0 #1 Part 1 - Ammy Virk - Top Male Artists in the Punjabi Music Industry!G Kaur 2017-09-19 08:43
Magnificent website. Loved his latest movie, full of fun and jokes. Has to be one of the best x

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