Shabz releases Ve Dhola Menu Maaf

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Artiste Shabz continues in the World Music genre with the track "Ve Dhola Menu Maaf " (Forgive me my love); With the authentic folk vocals from the Punjab mixed with Shabz unique eclectic style musically it also features Eshi from the Rock/Pop band "Our Day Remains " on guitars in his debut role as co-producer .


Fusion & World Music is Shabz's first love in music production and if you are free of any genre restriction we ask you check this track out today.

Shabz previous works features on his previous album "Rise of the Phoenix" also on DeepestMuzik Records as well as numerous mainstream Asian Underground Compilations in previous years.

"Ve Dhola Menu Maaf" is the latest World Music Track from artiste SHABZ. The song tells a story of a love torn apart against a landscape of loyalty to family and the ultimate sacrifice of one's desires to keep the family's honour. Now available on DeepestMuzik Records and all good digital retailers.

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