"We Are All Sikhs" - Hargo Boparai & Harvi Bhachu Feat Sati Chohan & Fateh Singh

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In wake of the tragedies that have hit the Sikh community in America; successful North American based producers Hargo Boparai & Harvi Bhachu have teamed up to bring a new song "We Are All Sikhs". A song intended to create awareness & demonstrate the strength, honesty, resilience, & unity of the Sikh faith, "We Are Sikhs" was written & sung by California based Sati Chohan with conceptual support from Nix Bhachu & Hargo Boparai.

Friends all located in the Bay Area, California, United States of America; Nix Bhachu, Harvi Bhachu, Sati Chohan & Hargo Boparai shared their thoughts with each other shortly after the Oak Creek Wisconsin Gurudrwara tragedy. With heavy interests in music, they decided what better way to express their feelings of sadness and pain than by creating a song. After discussing the song's concept and effective ways of communicating their emotions, while honoring victims and creating awareness, "We Are All Sikhs" was put to life over one weekend.

With the rapping of Fateh Singh (Young Fateh), also originally from California,now residing in Toronto, Canada; the song has a powerful message that needs to be heard.

The song is accompanied by a video that portrays powerful images & video clips.  In addition, subtitles explaining the lyrics accompany the video so that even those who cannot understand Punjabi, can understand the powerful meaning of the song.

We encourage you to share this video your friends, Indian, non-Indian, all colors, all creeds. We are all one.... "We Are All Sikh".

Please also send donations to support the families of the Oak Creek Wisconsin Gurudwara tragedy at (this website has been confirmed by the victims families to be the appropriate place for donations):

Thanks to for promotional assistance & support, RDM Designs for image designs, Chhiboo Productions for animation support, Harjot Singh Hundal for photos, and to all other photographers/videographers/news agencies' clips we used to create this project.



We Are All Sikhs - Hargo Boparai & Harvi Bhachu Featuring Sati Chohan & Fateh Singh by SimplyBhangra Music


+6 #5 Realist 2012-08-22 19:17
Id rather have people trying to 'get famous' by puting out a good positive message like in this song, instead of getting famous by singing about getting pissed and getting girls!
What do you mean
+7 #4 What do you mean 2012-08-22 18:25
Shinda_yaar - that is the problem in our culture, when someone tries to send a good message and video, people like you have to bring them down. the music is well done and the video message is very strong. get a grip and stop hating. Good work guys
-11 #3 shinda_yarr_pi 2012-08-22 08:15
I call this good idea but not really good project at production level. The Video and audio is really poor. More should have done to deliver a strong message then PR stunts on the Internet to push your names in the public. You guys are clever. you can bullshit your way to the top but ain't mean your are gonna stay there. Some people do anything to get attention. Some of these types of dudes who never picked up an instruments in their lives and call themselves producers. freaking fake Sikhs.

What a way to exploit people's feelings to use issue that is so fresh on people's mind to get attention and project your names out in the world of music.

well done!
+13 #2 singhmassive 2012-08-20 17:39
great to see a song with a purpose and message. chardi kala!
+10 #1 hsraj 2012-08-20 17:20
Much respect to everyone who is behind this project waheguru.

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