Bhangra Wars 2012: Introducing Gabru Chel Chabileh

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In June ran a competition to see which three teams would be exclusively showcased on the website in the run up to BhangraWars 2012! First up it is the group: GABRU CHEL CHABILEH (GCC)


3rd place in the Simply Bhangra / Bhangra Wars promo competition, we talk to GCC: Gabru Chel Chabileh. Video by MadTatter Films

Who founded GCC and when?

GCC was founded by 3 bhangra lovers in 2009

Is GCC a male only group?

At the moment yes but you never know It may change..

Who is GCCs captain?

There are no captains we all play a valid part in making this team run smoothly and representing Bhangra.

How many members are there in GCC?

There are up to 14 dancers and a part-band.

Does GCC have a slogan?

Grace, Creativity and Culture..We Gonna Change the Scene...

With the forthcoming competition Bhangra Wars 2012 only a month away -what would you say are your Groups most strongest elements?

Traditionality and Artistic Flair of course

Did the founding members of GCC reciece any Bhangra dance tuition or had mentors who guided and trained them?

No, we are all self-taught dancers who are positively obsessed with videos of Bhangra routines from the Panjabi Teams such as Shiv Chand and Khalsa College Bhangra dancers.

What are your thoughts on music and live Bhangra routines?

To be honest they are both the same if done the right way. The foundations are learnt through live sets such as the segments and basic formations, creativity is introduced through pre-recorded music sets. Music sets in the Western world are ever becoming popular because of the impact it has on the audience. We here in the UK have the world best music producers and to incorporate their work with our work makes it Bhangra!!

What makes a good judge in terms of judging competitions?

One who can understand the basics of Bhangra, the core and the executions of a routine down to a T.

Ok, competitions are now growing here in the UK...where do you see UK Bhangra?

It's make or break, the scene has started to grow but will it conquer the wedding/mela performances? We have a few competitions but unsure whether we have a niche for more Than 3 a year as it isnt like the US where people have time. This is the only way groups get to better themselves, through months of hardwork, training and in the process understanding Bhangra. Its great that its looking positive but dont know if we have dancers here in the UK brave enough to take the plunge and expose their talents on a a progressive stage. Being a wedding only group isn't what's its all about...Bhangra has changed, times have changed, the audience has changed..It's all part of the "Evolution of Bhangra"

How much does winning Bhangra Wars 2012 mean to your team?

Winning isnt the only thing it's about showcasing our views and values about Bhangra through our performance. It's about expressing traditional Bhangra in a modern world and we would not sacrifice our Bhangra values for anything!



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