Sunil Sehgal Remember ‘1984’

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Sunil Sehgal has been keeping a low profile on the Bhangra scene, but that doesn’t mean he has not been busy in the studio. Sunil Sehgal is set to make an impression this year with the release of his solo production work, but before diving into his forthcoming album, Sunil shares a teaser of “1984” as a gift with his fans new and old.

  1984-SUNIL SEHGAL by SunilSehgal

Sunil Sehgal’s production career is about to go full force with the release of his debut album. Before he gets into his hot new sounds, Sunil takes this opportunity to reflect on his heritage, his history, and creates an opportunity to give back. His single “1984” is now out on iTunes and proceeds from the sales of this record will be given to charity.

A teaser of the song was presented as a Vaisakhi gift and now Sunil asks his fans and Bhangra supporters to take part in his charity efforts.

The single reflects on the horrific riots that took place in India. In 1984, Indian troops captured Sikhs due to tension between Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and the Sikhs in Punjab. This time is now referred to as the anti-Sikh riots. Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards setting off the riots and spewed into a nightmare.

While fans support this cause, Sunil is in discussions with a couple charities to ensure that the contributions and efforts are all put to good use.

1984 (feat. Vicky Detwalia) - Single - Sunil Sehgal

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