Introducing Ali Romeo - Signed to VIP Records

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Introducing VIP Records latest signing ‘ALI ROMEO’, VIP Records are proud to present a unique artist with an international touch. ‘ALI ROMEO’ is set to lighten up the music industry with his forthcoming single ‘MAHI’ featuring ‘RIA REINE’ produced by ‘JINX’.

After the success of artist such as ‘JK, Tru-Skool, Kulvinder Johal, Jags Klimax, Bups Saggu and Cloud 9 Music’ to name a few VIP Records are excited to venture into new musical territories with this brand new project.

‘When I heard Ali Romeo’s first demo I knew we were on to something special’

DJ VIP’s – VIP Records

For the past 3 years ‘JINX’ have been touring and making music in South Asia and now they are working with VIP Records, ‘JINX’ have collaborated with ‘ALI ROMEO’ on his debut single ‘MAHI’, the single will also see the launch of the first female rapper on VIP Records ‘RIA REINE’ who set to bring her own unique flavour to the single.

The music video for ‘MAHI’ has been shot by the world renowned Sai Smith from BALLISITIC PRODUCTIONS. The release date has been set for summer 2012, watch out for more info about ‘ALI ROMEO’ coming soon.


sasha k
0 #10 sasha k 2012-05-31 00:56
nice looks good keep it up
pop star
+4 #9 pop star 2012-05-30 15:01
Whack attack! 0/10
simy kaur
-5 #8 simy kaur 2012-05-22 18:56
i heard about this guy in the times of india who is looks very interesting
0 #7 relaxMan 2012-05-22 13:52
lol, no, he is not a imran khan wannabe....nd no one can pass judgment on vocals or the song based on 10sec of vid. relax
Ayana k
-1 #6 Ayana k 2012-05-22 04:10
Iwell done none of this ting ting music, keep it up Ali
Sachy uk
-1 #5 Sachy uk 2012-05-22 04:09
I like it if you do not like it lump it
-1 #4 Rajj 2012-05-22 00:10
Another waste to be set upon us who by god in those 5 seconds showed he could not sing! VIP records why are you punishing us with these
+1 #3 WeeMan 2012-05-21 08:19
Somebody kill me. Can't take this pain anymore. Why God why? Why do you let vocally shit people enter the industry?
-3 #2 Realist 2012-05-20 16:28
Appealing to the Imran Khan market!!!
saira munir
-3 #1 saira munir 2012-05-20 15:53
looks and sounds good

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