Introducing AJD & The “Magic” Single Launch Tour

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"When he jumped on with the Bhangra.. MAN it was lights out for ME!" Tim Westwood (4x Mobo Award Winner, BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra DJ & Host)


There are Bhangra DJ's, and then there is the original Bhangra DJ, AJD. An individual who enters the Asian Music Scene embedded with three vital morals - "Aim Higher, Strive Further & Work Harder"

Single-handedly one of the UK's most dominant DJ over the last few years. Whether it's AJD performing at one of the UK's superclubs at one of his many DJ spots, or whether it's entertaining families at a prestigious wedding venue with the party-rockers of Abstrakt, AJD has been delivering energetic and unrivalled performances each and every time, leaving guests wondering “Who was that DJ last night?”

AJD now enters the music industry with the sole intention of providing his musical ideas to Bhangra lovers as a new executive producer. Working closely with fellow established musicians, AJD has teamed up with long-term friends and mega-talented musicians, Kaos' Productions, to bring his debut creation - Magic (Jadoo).

Magic is due to be released on the 7th of June 2012 under his own banner, AJD Records. To accompany the release of Magic, AJD is scheduled to DJ on a tour with the industries biggest and established performers. Be a part of the Magic!