Desi Playaaz set to release Punjabi Funk

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Desi Playaaz are the inventors of a new music genre ‘Punjabi Funk’ or P-Funk. P-Funk is influenced from G-Funk (American West Coast) except the lyrical content. P-Funk is amalgamation of both worlds, that is, Desi lyrics and contemporary beats.

Desi Playaaz are a music group from Chandigarh, India. The group is composed of two members Andy BIG (Bikram Bhullar) and Mista H (Harmeet Cheema).

The group had participated in India’s biggest talent show India’s Got Talent in year 2009 and made it to semi finals. The performing tracks Chal Jhoothee and Dil Di Awaaz became an instant hit and were recognized for their ‘Easy-to-relate’ lyrics.

As it is evident from the track titles, each track has its own uniqueness and a story behind it. Tracks like 'Chal Jhoothee' and 'Dil Di Awaaz' are about relationships and break ups which every individual can relate to. On the other hand track like 'Garib Akbar' talks about a person who is trying to ask the almighty god the reason for his existence and questions him why is he so isolated, unaccepted and helpless in life? Whereas the track 'Desi Snake' relates to the younger generation who likes to live free , party hard and have a gala time with friends. The track 'My Love Girl', is packed with a raw and an unexplainable attraction towards an unfaithful love. Hence it stands out from a regular love song. Lastly, the track 'Star' is about living big , and living free with a bring it on attitude.

The kind of thoughts that have been put together in this album are inspired from real and everyday life of Desi Playaaz.

Watchout for Desi Playaaz debut album Punjabi Funk releasing 24 November 2011 on Talent Roof Records.