The Diamond Lane Records Present Parminder Guri

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The Diamond Lane Records are proud to present a versatile, all rounder and multi-talented personality yet firmly tied to the roots, “Parminder Guri”.

DLR feels honored to introduce such a talented and versatile singer. His debut album,”The Triumph” is all set to freshen up the air waves soon. “The Triump” is musically created by Mixman Shawn. Mixman Shawn is also expressing his feeling via his RAPS on the album. “The Triumph” is bouquet of 8 tracks. Each track will take you to unique musical journey!

Mixman Shawn quotes "This album was real fun project for me, I got to really express myself not only Musically but Lyrically as well. each track was carefully picked to package this album. I believe Guri Bai ji & Myself gave our 100% to keep the sound of album current & fresh without losing that authentic Punjab as far as Melody & Pronounciation goes. and I hope our fans would enjoy this as much as we did while creating The Triumph!!

Parminder Guri quotes "Triumph An album, is a victory of perseverance and faith. Mixman and I worked together for a year to create something musically special for our listeners. Enjoy!!!


Ritu sam
0 #1 Ritu sam 2011-11-24 11:38
Ewwwwwww..". These guys need body shave....haha. Look at all the hair.

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