Desi Playaaz - Chal Jhoothee (Video)

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Watch the FULL VIDEO for the track by Desi Playaaz titled Chal Jhoothee coming off the album ‘Punjabi Funk’ or P-Funk.

Desi Playaaz are a music group from Chandigarh, India. The group is composed of two members Andy BIG (Bikram Bhullar) and Mista H (Harmeet Cheema).

Desi Playaaz are the inventors of a new music genre ‘Punjabi Funk’ or P-Funk. P-Funk is influenced from G-Funk (American West Coast) except the lyrical content. P-Funk is amalgamation of both worlds, that is, Desi lyrics and contemporary beats.

This is the first music video from their upcoming album Punjabi Funk releasing 24 November 2011 on Talent Roof Records.