Tumbi Nut for iphone out now.

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The wait is finally over. Introducing the world’s first ever Tumbi available on the App Store today. It is currently at number 5 in the charts. Tumbi Nut is fun and easy to use and replicates the real sound of a Tumbi. Simply touch the route note and change the keys by holding the first and second notes. Similar to the Dhol Nut, Tumbi Nut is kept simple and never complicated to make it easy for people to play along. Get together with your friends and have a jam with the Dhol Nut and Tumbi Nut.

The Tumbi Nut comes with a tutorial video on how to play it. It also features the brand new single Nach Bhabhiye feat BEE2 & Taj-E also available to buy on iTunes.

FEATURES: 1. Change the notes by playing the route key exactly like a Tumbi. 2. Play slow or fast. 3. Play along with a song in the same key

Designed and Developed by The Sound Pipe

Buy the app from here

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happy gilmoreman
0 #1 happy gilmoreman 2010-06-10 11:59
wat a sik app. This one smashed it. Everyone in Canada has got it. its so sik

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