SK's Finest Hour

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Presented by Steven Kandola, SK’s Finest Hour provides the listener with exclusive non-mainstream beats, ranging from club bangers and quality Hip-Hop to soulful slow jams for even the most intimate of nights. This is an hour of melodic frequencies you’re guaranteed to never hear anywhere else! So sit back and press play on a whole new portal of music you never even knew existed.
A bit about Steven Kandola...

“Can you make me a CD?” The infamous six words Steven has grown accustomed to since the age of 16, where fellow classmates would ask him for all sorts of music for all sorts of occasions. From slow R&B jams, to bass drowning subwoofer beats – Steven happily catered for all, and still continues to do so to this day.

With a BSc (Hons) in a broadcasting related degree, and a small little film company on the side, Birmingham born Steven is no stranger to the world of new media.

After graduating from BCU in 2008, Steven was soon hired by Brit Asia TV to take charge of producing an urban based television music show titled ‘The Groove’. It featured notable guest appearances from artists such as TQ and Kano and soon became a popular watched show on the channel. When he ended the series, Steven then pursued his second love, Film, where he set about producing a movie review show titled ‘Film Fix’ which he also decided to co-present. This is where Steven caught the presenting bug and now seamlessly sees himself presenting every Thursday @ 11pm on Rhubarb Radio.

With a unique ear for all genres of music, Steven mainly specialises in R&B, Hip-Hop and Soul. His favourite artists are D’Angelo, The Roots, Jon B and Ryan Leslie.

Realising the DJ’s motto as, “You can’t please everyone” – Steven aims to challenge this with his new show.

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