PBN collaborates with UK Garage act DJ Luck & MC Neat on Crowd Pleaser

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Known for producing huge Bhangra dancefloor numbers PBN will be offering something different and unexpected on his forthcoming album 'Crowd' Pleaser, combining a mainstream UK Garage act with a leading Panjabi vocalist.

As you know, the extremely popular Miss Pooja will feature on the new album on a track called 'Boli' and as an added bonus, PBN has created a remix of the track for the album.

PBN who is a fan of UKG wanted to show a different side to his production talents and to work with one of his favourite artists from that scene. Teaming up with MC Neat, 'Boli' has been given the house treatment and will be a real treat for fans of both Bhangra and dance music.

Look out for the remix of 'Boli' featuring Miss Pooja and MC Neat on 'Crowd Pleaser' which is out 2nd July on Limitless Records.

The official 'Crowd Pleaser' album launch party will be held at the Tower Ball Room, Birmingham on Friday 9th July. More details coming soon.

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Kiran Bhogal
0 #1 Kiran Bhogal 2010-06-05 19:51
Cant wait for Crowd Pleaser to release. Very good collaboration :)

PBN looks so cute in that pic. ;-)

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