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Simon Nandhra - Silent Tears

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Simon Nandhra Is Set To Release His Third Solo Album, 'Silent Tears'

After the sucess of Kanoo Mardan and the Underestimated album, which was released back in late 2004, Simon Nandhra is back with a brand new album for the bhangra scene. The album, Silent Tears,   consists of FOUR brand new tracks, FOUR remixes of those songs. Also including TWO old songs off his first album - Out Of The Box, with TWO remixes of those. This album is set to be released as an "Double EP" on Moviebox.

Charging anything above £4.99 for this Moviebox is a rip-off!. Remember ONLY 4 BRAND NEW TRACKS.


1) Doli Vichon Heer

2) Na Jaeo Pardes
(Home & Away)

3) Bari Mastani
(Ride or Die Joint)

4) Sadaya Paran
(Ungrateful Edit)

5) Sarwan Bacha
(2K2 Flashback)

6) Par Langar Deh
(Streets Remix)

7) Doli Vichon Heer
(Rock ‘n’ Roll)

8) Na Jaeo Pardes
(Psycho Hype)

9) Bari Mastani

10) Sadaya Paran

11) Sarwan Bacha
(Water for Life Mix)

12) Par Langar Deh
(Across the Rivers)

Should be good no doubt, lets hope they dont try putting a full price tag on this!

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